We merchandise high grade mountain and herbal teas, cultivated by experienced and top rated tea growers in their tea cultivation expertise. We wanted to start our business for a really superior loose tea from which our consumers could receive their benefits to the utmost but also make the tea-making process an interactive and enjoyable experience for them. And, we are so proud for succeeding it!

Our innovative packing system not only creates a personal tea-making experience but it has created a wonderful and magical bond between us.

It has been a long journey to find the most knowledgeable growers in their field cultivation expertise. Yet, it is very rewarding. We found them in the beautiful mountainous Mediterranean and in Far East, and we fall in love with the quality of their tea and herbs. Finding experienced top-rated growers and building strong trusted relationships, our first milestone has been set off for starting up our own tea business.

Exceptional quality of pure herbs and teas is just what we were looking for our tovotani teas.

We love every task from our agenda. Either on a tour at the tea cultivation fields, or traveling to expand our network of partners, assorting or packing, we realize our vision in every single tovotani packaging.

And here we are, we have made it happened and we keep growing! Expanding our network of partners and products, and incorporating innovation in our work-life is our non-stop commitment.

When you open our package you can make your cup of tea easy and instantly while you see, touch and smell the freshness and pureness of our teas.


Our story

One sweet Sunday of September and a lively discussion on a subject-to-love made us to realize what it makes us to like tea so much, how strongly connected tea is with our life and the numerous and valuable benefits that a cup of tea can offer in such a direct and easy way.

It was so clear and apparent. The idea of starting-up our small business for enhancing a well-being lifestyle and active life for everybody.

In our entire life we always used to have herbs in our gardens and small yards surrounding our house. And that Sunday, we realized how blessed we were having a small herbal paradise in our garden providing us a rich cup of tea smells.

We always have a good reason for a cup of tea and it has been a part of our life since we can remember ourselves young. And as naturally our grand-parents and parents brought this in our lifestyle so naturally we brought it to our children’s life.

From the inception of our idea to turn what we love about tea into a business, we have been truly inspired by our motivation to create natural products. We worked hard finding experienced and knowledgeable growers in their expertise and establishing a professional network of partners, testers and agents because we want our natural and herbal teas to offer you a cup of tea full of nutritious contributing to your natural and energetic lifestyle.


Why to choose us

We have created a strong brand name due to our pure loose teas and herbs of exceptionally high quality.Solid business foundations and fair trade.

Innovating package offering the ultimate personal tea-making experience in a superb handy tea-making kit.

All tovotani teas and herbs are completely natural single-ingredient.

Hand grown and packed with careful packing process that delivers the benefits of a vibrant taste and purely natural to the maximum.We are a united and committed team to always strive to achieve an outstanding customer service anytime all the time.