Brewing tips to make a great cup of tea

Making tea is always about your preferred taste and you should go for your experiment until you find the one that suits to you perfectly. Gear up yourself with sparkling tea equipment and become aware the below simple golden brewing tips to make your own perfect cup of tea.

Fresh water, preferably filtered water or bottled water are free from substances that may change the taste of the tea. However, the distilled water is not recommended as without any natural mineral content, the water will leave the tea taste flat.

Finding the right temperature in making a good cup of tea it is very important in order to bring out your tea’s beneficial properties and release all their flavour. For the Tovotani herbal teas, boil the water at 210˚F or 100°C and for our English breakfast tea at 195˚F or 90 °C. When air bubbles appear steadily and gentle to the surface is a sign that the water has the right temperature.

The total time for brewing your tea requires to devote 4 to 5 minutes for steeping one tea sachet of tovotani herbal teas and 2-3 minutes for our English breakfast before your remove the tea sachet from your cup.

Having your tea done steeping, add the condiment you like in your cup – this can be honey, sugar, lemon, cinnamon or milk, lightly stir and serve while it is still hot. Alternatively, you enjoy it plain as recommended by nature!

Experiment and feel the tovotani enjoyment to the fullest

Making your tovonati cup of tea, you have the choice to fill and use the tea sachet or go for the option of boiling the loose leaves in a pot. Whatever you choose, make sure that your experiment is combined with the right temperature, steeping time, quantity and above all your enjoyment!